Wood has been used by humans for so long that we take it for granted, it is part of our cultural heritage yet we no longer “see it”! It must be one of our oldest natural resources; we have used it for millions of years as a fuel source and as a building material. It is used extensively across the world. Wood and wood products have played a critical role in the evolution of humankind

woodland    wooden bridges    tree in lake

Did you know…..?

…… Wood is one of the most sustainable resources.

…… Living, dying and dead cells make up the structure of wood.

…… All wood is biodegradable

……Trees grow from the top not the bottom. Branches only move a few inches up the trunk as the tree grows over time.

…… If forests are managed properly, wood fuel is renewable.

…… Trees do not die of old age. They are usually killed by Insects, diseases and people.

…… As a raw material, wood has no equal peers. On a strength-to-weight ratio, wood is stronger than steel.

…… Only 12% of the UK is woodland.