All of our treated timber conforms with E.U. Biocidal regulations

Biocidal wood treatment: Wolmanit® CX

Wolmanit® CX treated timber contains 2.8% bis-(n-cyclohexyldiazeniumdioxy)-copper and 13.04% copper(ll) carbonate hydroxide for preventive protection against wood destroying fungi and insects.

Wolmanit® CX treated timber can be used for UC3 (out of ground use) & for UC4 (in ground use), in accordance with BS 8417.

Keep away from food, drink and animal foodstuffs.

Wear gloves when handling fresh treated wood.

Comply with the legal limit value for wood dust when processing treated timber e.g. cutting, grinding.

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Dispose of off-cuts responsibly – do not burn.


Wolmanit have received a third-party Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for their Wolmanit® CX. Click here for more details.

Helping them embrace transparency and provide reliable information for customers  striving for sustainable construction and green building certifications.

The EPDs help them determine the footprint of their product or structure and thus officially prove their contribution to sustainability.

With the quality impregnation by Wolmanit® CX, wood is well protected, and a durable, sustainable timber product is obtained.