CO2 reduction symbolCharltons is committed to reduce its environmental impact, where practicable. Carbon reducing measures form an integral part of the overall Company strategy.

Investment has been made in a 350 KWp solar panel system producing on average 38% of the companies electricity. The remainder of our electricity is purchased as zero carbon renewable energy.

3 Biomass boilers are used to burn offcuts. Burning biomass releases carbon dioxide. However, the trees that are the source of biomass for energy capture almost the same amount of CO2 ,through photosynthesis while growing, as is released when biomass is burned, which can make biomass a carbon-neutral energy source.

Transport efficiencies of 17% have been made  with changes to fleet vehicles and optimising delivery routes.  A further 10% efficiency saving has been made with driver awareness courses for safe and effective driving; all reducing fuel consumption and therefore emissions. Carbon is also being offset by the use of more biofuel.

Backloads of raw materials are being returned on the empty Arctics reducing 3rd party deliveries,  reducing mileage and emissions.

Forklifts are being migrated to electric power further reducing the use on fossil fuels and should be carbon neutral in the summer months being powered solely by our solar power production.

Carbon Footprint


During 2023 we produced 240.1 tonnes carbon.

Carbon footprint is being measured on a 6 monthly basis.