Caring for your wooden gates in Winter should not be an arduous task. Now Autumn is well and truly here it is worth spending a small amount of time caring for your gates as the weather turns cooler and wetter. If your wooden gate is unprotected, any rain, sleet, or snow will eventually take its toll.

Taking good care of your gate does not just make it look better, It is also an important step in ensuring it remains durable for longer.

Wood rotting is a common problem in the winter. There are other ways for wood to rot, but mould and mildew caused by moisture ingress are the main causes. When rot sets in, it is virtually impossible to stop it from spreading, so you need to protect your gate from day one. Modern UV Oil is one way to protect your wooden gates and is recommended by us as a treatment. Investing a short amount of time spent looking after your gates, and maintaining them annually, will help them survive cold winters (and hot summers) and stop unwanted deterioration.

treating with a modern UV oil will help care for your gates in the winterMaintain & Protect the wood

It is important to regularly check your wooden gate. You can quickly find any faults and fix any damage before it gets worse and becomes a bigger issue. Aim for a dry mild day in the Autumn to treat your gates. Do not treat your gates if they are very wet as this will lock in the moisture. Treat with a modern UV oil. This will help stop moisture being absorbed into the gate as well as reduce the appearance of checks and shakes in the wood. It can also reduce warping.


Caring for your Wooden Gates in Winter - keep posts clear

Keep the Base of the Posts Dry

Make sure the gatepost does not make contact with any moist ground by clearing away debris. If water collects at the base of the post it can quickly rot.Also make sure they are firmly in place. Any movement will need to be rectified before your gates become damaged.




Prune overhanging plants

Two reasons why this is important.

Firstly, if your gate is positioned in an area surrounded by hedges, shrubs or trees it is only natural that mould may start to form on your wooden gate. Given the right conditions mould that can appear almost over night. This is not a manufacturing fault nor is it damaging your gate in anyway. Simply sponge it off with warm water before any permanent damage is done.

Secondly, if heavy overhanging plants such as tree branches fall due to heavy winds in the winter they could cause a lot of damage to your gate. This would likely be costly to repair.

Grease Gate Hinges

Hinges are vulnerable to cold weather as they are liable to freeze or stick. Friction can be avoided this by ensuring that they are oiled.

So, follow a few simple steps to care for your wooden gates in Winter. This can be achieved easily and keep them looking good and protected until the Spring.