Grown in Britain week 2020

Charltons are once again celebrating Grown in Britain Week by planting 30 trees in SW England via the Carbon Footprint Scheme.

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Only the Grown in Britain logo guarantees that timber has been grown legally in the UK in accordance with the UK Government Timber Procurement Policy and conforming to the UK Forestry Standard. You can be assured the production of goods takes place under excellent labour conditions and the production processes are environmentally safe. And the carbon footprint of British made goods is low. Timber is one of the most sustainable builder materials when it is from sustainable managed sources.

When you buy something made in Britain, you are typically buying a skilfully manufactured product that has well and truly been built to last. Although British goods can be more expensive than foreign imports, the fact of the matter is that British goods have an extra level of quality that you won’t find in products made overseas.

The act of buying British goods is good news for the UK economy. When you buy British, you are investing in skilled craftsmanship  whilst helping to secure the future for British manufacturers. Money spent on British products also filters through to your local economy and enables UK companies to invest in each other.

UK manufacturing laws are in line with saving the environment and goods manufactured on home soil often have a significantly lower carbon footprint than those mass produced in countries abroad.  In part this is because, when you do buy British, those goods do not need to be transported half way across the world.

Charltons Fencing Products & Landscaping products are all certified as being Grown in Britain.