Australian FlagIn 2013 Australian businessman, Adrian Reis, set up, Westbury Gates, in Melbourne to import and distribute the products. He chose Charltons gates for the quality and the brand that they represent. He first saw the gates in the Cotswolds during a visit. Adrian chose to import the Estate and Somerset 5 Bar gates.

6 years later Charltons Gates & Fencing are still exporting gates to Westbury Gates; This has not been without its challenges. The gates travelled in a container through the Panama Canal, in soaring temperatures, and then on wards through temperatures well below freezing. In the high temperatures, and in a contained environment, the moisture from the gates evaporated then condensed and allowed mould to grow on the gates. The mould subsequently died and in the cold temperature of the Antarctic and left unsightly stains across the gates.

After investigation Charltons managed to solve this issue. Westbury Gates now receive the gates in top condition ready to sell in Australia. Adrian Reis stated that “the quality of the gates is excellent” on receiving his latest delivery.

Estate Gate in Australia   Charltons Gates in Austalia - Estate Gate