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Our LONGLAST range is recommended for any ground contact product
because it is treated to the British Standard BS8417 and has a 15 year life expectancy.
Only timber prepared correctly will reach our Longlast standard
treated to usage class 4.


SPECIES: The Longlast range only uses Redwoods due to its natural durability.

DRYING: By naturally air drying the timber to 28% moisture content, the pressure treatment is then absorbed and retained through the sapwood to the durable heartwood.

PREPARATION: Layers of timber are separated by spacers to allow for consistent drying and treatment right through the pack.

The Longlast range is the correct choice to ensure a quality ground contact product. Choosing the right product reduces the lifetime costs. A small premium reduces the very real risk of premature failure and expensive re-installation costs.

All of our timber is assured as Grown in Britain and sourced as locally as possible, mainly in the South West of England.

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