Charltons PEFCTrees are a renewable resource that can replenish themselves. Sustainable timber and forest management ensures that young trees are planted when old ones are cut down. And also ensure that there is no damage to the surrounding environment and native flora and fauna.

Young trees lock in more carbon as they grow than older trees. Wood and paper based goods produced from sustainable timber sources are a renewable and environmentally friendly choice; especially when compared to other materials such as plastics. Plastics alone, use 4% of the total global oil production. Forests can also mitigate climate change by capturing and storing carbon. Forests remove significant volumes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as trees grow. A tree will continue to store carbon after it has been harvested and used – timber gates can store carbon for many years. That is why it is so important to use wood-based products. Similarly, energy production from forest-based wood and biomass can replace other more greenhouse-gas intensive products, such as oil and coal.

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Chartons Gates are PEFC certified so you can rest assured that you are buying a gate manufactured using sustainable timber!

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