Electric driveway gates have many advantages. They improve home security against intruders and provide all-weather ease of operation. They also offer a level of prestige that manual gates cannot. However, electric gates are not without their dangers. Potential accidents can be avoided as long as the gates are used correctly and are well maintained.

To ensure their safe operation, it is imperative that your automatic electric gates are installed correctly. If somebody was to get injured by a dangerous gate, the owner could well be held liable. So it is essential to use an approved installer (Gate Safe or DHF provide lists of qualified installers). For an automated gate to remain safe, it will regularly need safety checks and maintenance to ensure that it remains safe and reliable during use.

Types of electric driveway gates

There are several types of electric driveway gate systems. These are sliding or swinging electric gates in above ground or below ground systems.

Swinging and Sliding electric driveway gates can be equally as effective in providing the privacy,security and kerb appeal that you’re looking for. So, how do you choose which gate is right for you.

Where space prohibits Swinging gates, Sliding driveway gates offer a great solution when the space is limited as they can can slide either side. Sliding driveway gates run on tracks or a cantilever system, and when open, the space is completely clear with no obstructions enabling easy access through the whole opening.

Swinging driveway gates can open inwards or outwards depending on preference or obstructions either side. Though they cannot open out onto a public highway (Highways Act 1980). Swinging gates, unlike sliding gates, do not require any steel beams or concrete work. Installation is generally easier, and overall  are usually cheaper than sliding gates especially when it comes to ongoing maintenance.

It is worth while talking to a qualified gate installer before ordering a gate. Charltons wooden driveway gates & entrance gates are manufactured using both traditional and modern techniques with high quality timber. Automated gates require a heavy duty bottom rail for added strength.

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automated gates

automated gates