Q: How to I work out what hand gate I need (hanging stile)

A: Most of our 5 Bar gates have one stile that is larger for hanging the gate. To work out which you need stand outside facing the property and which ever side is where you want the gate to be hinged is the hanging side i.e. if you want the gate to be hung on the left hand side looking in you will need a left hand hand gate.

Q: Can I fit two gates as a pair across my entrance?

A: Yes, though we would recommend using a drop bolt and socket set on each gate

Q: Will my gate be treated?

A: All softwood gates will be pressure treated. Iroko hardwood gates will not be treated. Please refer to Gate care and treatment instructions in our info section.

Q:What colour will my gate be?

Pressure treated gates are green (Baington and Country also offered in pressure treated brown), but can be stained or painted after they have dried out. Iroko will be natural finish as untreated.

Q: Do you make bespoke sizes?

A: Yes, Some gates we can offer in a special width and or special height – please refer to 5 Bar gate details on our product pages.

Q: Can Charltons 5 Bar Gates be automated?

A: Yes, many of our 5 Bar gates can be automated with the addition of a heavy duty rail. Please refer to 5 bar Gate details on our product pages.