Q: Do I need to treat my pedestrian Gate?

A: Although the gates are pressure treated we would recommend regular treatment to extend the life of the gate. Gates must be dry prior to treatment and make sure that treatment manufacturers  instructions are followed.



Q: How should I hang my gate?

A: Pedestrian gate should be hung so that the bracing supports the weight of the gate on the hinges



Q: What hinges should I use?

A: Minimum requirement would be Tee Hinges but we would recommend using cranked pin on plate hinges especially for heavier or taller gates. If any adjustment is likely to be needed (e.g if gate in hung from wooden posts) then we would recommend using a one way adjustable hinge.

Q: Can my Pedestrian Gate be made to any size?

A: All our gates are standard sizes (see gate details for sizes) apart from the Country gate which can be made in widths up to 1.8m. All of the Courtyard gates can be made in Pedestrian gate sizes these are made to measure gates.

Q: Where do you get your timber

A: All our timber comes from sustainable managed forests. We source all softwood timber from PEFC Certified suppliers and Iroko from companies with responsible purchasing policies (EUTR Regulations)