Adding a garden gate to a property is not just fitting any gate into a gap. It really depends how you intend to use the entrance.



Hampton garden gateIf it a well used entrance with lots of traffic then the gate will need to be a stronger more robust gate. It will need to be fully ledged and braced Priory garden gate allowing it to stand up to the heavy use. On the other hand, if the entrance not going to be used very often the a lighter weight garden gate will be more than suitable. Additionally security needs to be considered. A taller gate can secure access to your property. Whereas a lower wall or hedge with a shorter gate can create a welcoming entrance to your garden. Finally, aesthetics and budget are a consideration for everyone.

Charltons offer a range of standard wooden gates, from solid board  to feather edge to slatted gates; gates with flat tops or curved top. There is a design to suit almost everyone. However, there will be occasions when a standard product will simply not fit your entrance. Maybe  you want a garden gate to match your driveway gate. Or you you want spend a bit more on that garden gate that adds that extra appeal to your property. A gate can be an integral part of your garden design. Look no further than our Courtyard and Driveway range of gates where any of the gates can be made to measure a garden entrance.

As members of  Made in Britain you can be assured that you are buying a product that has been made in this country, support a British business and a local community.


Driveway gate and matching garden gate