Garden sleepers are extremely versatile and budget friendly. They are a fantastic choice for garden landscaping projects.


Garden Sleepers can be used for borders, raised beads and all sorts of landscaping projects and can be a perfect way to add a contemporary or rustic look to your garden. The creative options are only down to your imagination (along with basic D.I.Y skills!)

Charltons sleepers are Certified as from PEFC sustainably controlled sources and are Made in Britain. pefc-logoMade in Britain logo


Raised beds

Building a raised bed is made easy with the use of sleepers. Raised beds can be built on either hard or soft surfaces in the garden. They make the perfect base for growing vegetables or flowers. A raised sleeper bed can help to reduce compaction of soil and increasing drainage. Raised beds can be built to any shape to suit your garden. Not only do they save you from bending or kneeling they  provide easy access for those with reduced mobility.

timber sleepers








Garden sleepers make a great alternative to traditional materials for garden steps, offering a natural appearance that works beautifully in all types of garden. A Rustic Sleepers will add that more natural look to your garden whilst contemporary sleepers add clean lines to your garden.

Steps can be softened  by planting low-growing foliage at the edges.

Timber Sleeper steps






Garden Sleepers for Pathways

Sleepers can provide a versatile solution for for garden pathways. They can be used as to provide a firm base between stones or avoid heavily trodden down grass in  walkways. Sleepers can also be an attractive way to break up your lawn. They are easy to lay and do not require much expertise.


Sleeper path

Unusual fence

A more unusual use of sleepers makes for a unique fence or garden divider.  Difference in heights can add to the look. 

timber sleeper fence







Edging for flower beds & raised lawns

Garden sleepers can be used to create an easy quick way to edge your flower bed or raised lawn. A sleeper gives a more natural finish when softened with plants whereas without pants sleepers give a more modern gives clean line to your project.

timber sleepers








Sleepers can be use to make a variety of furniture from a simple bench, table & chairs to the base for a pizza oven. They create  attractive and relatively maintenance free furniture for your garden.

Pizza oven base using sleepers