Which gate hinges should I use?


Choosing the right gate hinges is very important because the functionality and strength of your gate depends on the hinges. The type of hinge that you will need will depend on the type of gate that you are hanging. The list below shows different types of hinges, when and where they should be used.

A rule of thumb is that the gate hinges should be a third of the width of the gate at bare minimum.

T Hinges

As the name suggests the hinges are in the shape of a T. These can be fitted on lightweight gates, although any gate over 4′ in height should ideally have a third T hinge fitted in the middle of the gate. There is no adjustment with these hinges.

gate medium tee hinge

Medium T Hinge









Cranked band and hook hinges

The band and hook hinge consist of 2 parts, a plate that is attached to the wall and a cranked arm fitted to the gate. The crank allows the gate and wall/post to sit flush to each other. These are far more substantial that T Hinges but again there is no adjustment with these hinges. Charltons recommend these hinges if the gate is being attached to a wall where there will be no seasonal movement.

gate pin on plate hanger babington design pressure treated softwood garden gate with hinges









One way adjustable band & hook hinge

As wood is a natural product there will be seasonable changes as the wood moves where it dries out or absorbs water (this applies to gates and posts). If a gate is being attached to a wooden post it is advisable to use  one way adjustable hinges so that you can make small adjustments depending on the weather. Again, the hinges consist of 2 parts: a plate that is attached to the wall/post and an arm fitted to the gate.

One way adjustable gate hinge One way adjustable gate hinge









30″ 2 way adjustable hinges

These are recommended for our heavier Courtyard and Driveway range of gates. As wood is a natural product it can be prone to movement. Using these hinges (along with the recommended treatment) allows adjustments to be made in 2 ways with seasonal changes.

2 way adjustable gate hinge 2 way adjustable hinge









Adjustable field gate hinges

As the name implies these hinges are adjustable and should be used on all 5 bar gates not just field gates. The great thing about these hinges is that they can allow the gates to swing both ways, depending on how you fit them. For recommended sizes click here.


Adjustable Field Gate Hinge Set

Adjustable Field Gate Hinge Set











Automated gates

Many of our gates can be automated. 5 Bar gates will need a heavy duty rail and Driveway gates will need a heavy duty bottom rail. These are needed to help the gate withstand the stresses and strains of the automation movement. Different kits are available for above ground and under ground automation as well as swing and slide automation. Automated gates should be installed by a qualified installer. Further information on qualified installers can be obtained from Gate Safe or DHF (Door & Hardware Federation). 


Charltons automated swing gate Charltons automated sliding gate







Where do I hang gate hinges?


pedestrian gate hinges


Pedestrian Gates

Charltons Pedestrian Side Gates & Garden gates are universal hang, in other words, the hinges can be hung on either side. However, ideally on taller & heavier gates the hinges should be placed on the side with both braces in the corners for maximum support of the gate. For more information click here.




Driveway gate hinges


Driveway Gates

Hinges for Driveway Gates should be fitted on the ledges of the gate for maximum support. They should be at least a third of the width of the gate, again for maximum support. Where the hinges are fitted on the pillars/posts depends on how far the gates can open. For more information click here.



5 bar gate hinges
 5 Bar Gates

The hinges for the 5 Bar gates have the larger hinge at the top fitted to the top rail of the gate and the smaller hinge at the bottom which clamps around the stile of the gate. The bolt then goes through the gate to hold it secure. The hinges must be placed on the larger stile of the gate. Some field gates are universal so the stiles are the same size and the hinges can therefore be fitted on either side. For more information click here.



Ultimately it is important that you use the right hinge for the right gate otherwise this can lead to problems with the gate opening and damage to the gate itself. Fitted and treated correctly a wooden gate should last for years.