What sort of gate latch do I need?

The type of latch you you need depends on the type of gate that you are buying. See our guide below to the more popular choices.

Ring latches

gate Ring latchring latch              

These are two-sided and work on gates that swing both inwards and outwards. The exterior side has a backplate with a ring. The interior side has a backplate and ring, attached to a latch arm. Turning the ring moves the arm out of the catch so the door can open. The arm of the gate latch is installed on the side that the gate opens inwards.



Auto gate latches

Auto gate latch Auto gate latch


Auto gate latches are typically for gates that swing inwards. They  are double sided i.e. they can open and close from either side of the gate. The street side of the gate typically is a plate with a thumb depressor. When pushed the latch-arm on the inside lifts, allowing the gate to open. A well fitted latch arm will fall into the catch on its own.




Self locking field gate latch and D loop

Self locking field gate latch and D loop


Generally used for field gates or farm gates. Self locking. Can only be used when gate is hung behind posts. Can be locked with a padlock if required.





Spring Catch & Keep Set

Spring latch and keep set for field gates

Spring latch and keep set


Spring Catch & Keep Set. For use with single gates hung on back of posts. Not suitable for use with a pair of gates. These are often used on Bridleways where a rider can open gates without dismounting from a horse.