Gate Warranty

Gates are manufactured from quality joinery grade softwood or hardwood by our craftsmen in Somerset.

All timber gates manufactured by Charltons are covered by one years workmanship warranty from date of receipt of goods.

Before exposing untreated timber products to the elements, you must ensure our treatment recommendations are adhered to. (click HERE for details)

Gates must have been fitted with reasonable tolerances to allow for seasonal movements. We would always recommend the use of adjustable hinges.

In the rare case a gate fails to perform to its designed purpose due to insufficient workmanship, Charltons will rectify the fault. However, we will not accept consequential loss in such a case.

Please note; Problems such as water damage and rot are caused by not following treatment guidelines, the use of the wrong treatment or no treatment being applied. These will invalidate any warranty claims.

In the rare instance there is a manufacturing defect, this must be reported prior to hanging a gate.

What is Not Covered

This gate warranty is for the replacement of the original product purchased only and does not cover the costs of removal and reinstatement of the product or consequential costs or losses incurred due to the failure of the product. This warranty applies to timber gates only and does not cover automation kits, locks, hinges, bearings, rollers and other additional parts/accessories subject to wear and tear.

Problems such as water damage/rot are caused by not following treatment guidelines, the use of the wrong treatment or no treatment being applied. We can not warranty for something that has not been maintained in accordance with our treatment guidelines.

Problems caused by failure of the customer to apply regular treatment.

Problems caused by the gates being be installed as a bi-fold gate (This will invalidate the warranty due to the stresses placed on the joints of the gates).

Problems caused by timber movement (including twisting, warping and splitting).

Problems caused by alterations or modifications to original gates.

Problems caused deliberate or accidental damage or abuse to the gate(s).

Problems caused by ‘Poor Fitting’ of the gate(s), posts, ironwork, or nearby objects.

The absence of recommended gate fittings (e.g. drop bolt & socket sets).