Iroko weathers over time like any timber. It is a hardwood is  rich in natural oils with a ‘Very Durable’ classification. Therefore, it is relatively stable, hard wearing and resistant to decay. Iroko is the timber that we use on our Hardwood Courtyard & Driveway gates plus some 5 Bar gates. They are supplied in a smooth planed finish that will typically fade to silver-grey within approximately 12 months unless treated. Some people do like the natural silvered look however, it is worth remembering that untreated Iroko can be prone to water marks. Also, if the gate is in an aspect where one side received a lot more sunshine than another it is possible for the gates to dry out unevenly after wet weather. This can potentially cause some twisting in the timber.

How Iroko weathers over time when it is untreated

Stages of weathering in untreated Iroko






If you want to slow down how Iroko weathers over time and retain the colour of an Iroko gate we recommend that you treat the timber with a modern UV Oil. The UV protects against fading and the oil protects against water marks and uneven drying out which can cause movement in the timber.

Oiled Iroko

Oiled Iroko

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