How long do wooden gates last? This is not a straight forward question to answer as it depends many factors but generally as long as a gate is treated correctly it should last years. It is, however, worth remembering that the same gate fitted in two different locations or aspects can have vastly differing life expectations. The elements and sunlight have a huge part to play in the weathering process. Good or bad, our climate is essentially a wet one. Our gates have a range of water run off features. These allow rain to run of the gates and also  also to help impede the ingress of water. Thus helping to extend the life of the gate.

As far as the sun goes all gates, whether softwood or hardwood, will react to sunlight. The ultraviolet in sunlight will cause the wood to fade over time. Uneven drying out of the gate from one side of the gate receiving more sunlight than the other can cause movement in timber such check and shakes.

how Iroko weathers and silvers over time

This images shows how Iroko weathers and silvers over time without treatment. These gate span a range of 1 year old to 7 years old







Softwood gates do not last as long as their hardwood equivalents. However,  if you care for your product correctly, you should get many years of life from a softwood gate, but a hardwood gate will last much longer. Hardwoods are less ‘knotty’ than softwoods, so give a more aesthetically attractive appearance; you can never truly make a softwood gate look like a hardwood gate by simply using stains.

Wood is actually a very durable material when looked after using the correct treatment and can last you for many years.We recommend treating your gates using a modern UV oil.  This will keep your gates looking good and alleviate many of the issues caused by uneven drying out.

gate has been treated with UV oil

This gate has been treated with UV oil


How lond do wooden gates last? This gate has not been treated

This gate was not treated








We even recommend the modern UV oil for pressure treated gates. The pressure treatment protects against rot and insect attacked but this will fade over time. If you care for your gates correctly you will get many years life out of them.

So, how long do wooden gates last? As you can see there are a lot of variables however with a small amount off effort and correct treatment the answer can be many years if you buy a quality made wooden gate.

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Mells driveway gates treated with oil