Firstly a few simple facts before looking at how to look after your wooden gate;

  • Timber will absorb moisture when it is wet
  • When it is dry,  timber will dry out as moisture evaporates
  • Hardwood’s can bend and twist as well
  • If your wooden gates face south then one side more will be in the sun more that the other side. The side with the sun will dry out more and unless treated this will mean one side it will shrink and therefore bend towards the sun.
  • Straping it to a metal frame will not stop timber movement.
  • Tanalising or any anti fungal treatments will not stop this with either. Pressure treatment protects the timber against wood rot and insect attack. These treatments do not provide all round protection against weathering. The elements and UV rays will slowly degrade the effectiveness of the pressure treatment.
  • Mould on your gate? If your gate is positioned in an area surrounded by hedges, shrubs or trees it is only natural that mould may start to form on your wooden gate. This is not a manufacturing fault nor is it damaging your gate in anyway. Simply sponge it off with warm water. 

All wood moves. So how is the best way to treat your wooden gates to help stop this?

Timber has a natural tolerance in terms of how much it can expand and contract before succumbing to warping and shrinkage. It is for this reason that we recommend you treat all our planed timber gates with a modern UV wood oil for planed timber such as Osmo or Restol. The oil contains an active UV filter that preserves the colour of the wood. Any outdoor wood that is sealed with oil at least once every year will repel water. Oil helps to control the absorption/evaporation of the moisture content of the wood and help  stop wood drying out unevenly, which can lead to warping. Gates will last longer and look better than wood that is simply left to the elements. For more information click here). An added benefit…. it is easy and relatively quick to apply!

wood treated with oil vs wood not treated with oil

                                 Oil soaks into wood that has not been treated with oil.

Making sure that a gate is fitted properly using the correct fittings will also help. e.g. when hanging a pair of 5 Bar gate a drop bolt on each gate as well as a loop over latch will help to prevent any potential movement in the gates due to weathering. Click here for more information.

With a small amount of effort and correct installation there is no reason why your gate cannot look good and last for years!

How to treat your wooden gate - use a modern UV wood oil

How to treat your wooden gate - use a modern UV wood oil