How to measure for a driveway gate?  Measuring for a driveway gate is not that difficult. Just some accurate measuring a some simple calculations

First off you will need to establish the width and height of your entrance way. Tolerance are given for using hinges supplied by Chaltons.

To measure the width of a gate


Take a 3 measurements of your entrance way; the top, middle & bottom of the walls/pillars as these may vary. Always use the narrowest measurement. For manual gates we recommend 2 way adjustable hinges to allow for seasonal movement; so small adjustments can be made using the hinges

Using the narrowest measurement subtract the fixing posts, the hinge and closing gaps. This will give you the overall physical width of your gates. Divide by 2 to get individual gate widths (gates can be an uneven split e.g. 70/30 so divide accordingly to get the gate widths).

How to measure for a driveway gate



To measure the height of a gate

The height of a gate depends the height of your walls/pillars.

Planning permission will be needed if gates are over 1m high and next to a highway used by vehicles. Or be over 2m high (from ground level) and sited elsewhere, such as a back garden. For more information check the Planning Portal.

Measure the height from the ground near each side near the wall/pillars. Make sure that any high spots in the entranceway are allowed for in your measurements, as opening and closing gates over these high spots may cause damage. Use the smallest measurement.  Minus 50 mm clearance to get the height of your gate.


How to measure for a driveway gate


If your gates are to be automated, then please make sure that you consult a qualified installer, Requirements may be different depending on the equipment used. Automated gates must be installed by a fully qualified installer who must ensure it complies with the Supply of Machinery (Safety) Regulations 2008.