Whilst late Autum and early winter can bring clear blue skies and gorgeous colours it also bring the wind, the rain, the grey skies and grief to our fences!

Before the really cold weather sets in now is the time to check out your fences for winter. Is it going to stand up to the wilder winter weather we are experiencing more recently?

If your fence is looking a little worse for wear, it may be worth considering a new fence – before it blows down and caused more damage and work.

A common causes of fences not staying upright is because the posts are of inferior quality and have rotted in the ground; a point of weakness as the post takes the brunt of the force exerted on the fence by wind. Charltons longlast posts are all treated to the highest level with Wolmanit CX and havea1 15 year life expectancy.

Feather edge Fence Panel

Whilst good feather edge fencing is quick and easy to install it is worth considering heavy duty fence panels.Heavy duty Feather edge fence panel

These can be easily installed between posts and should the fence fail one panel can be changed by simple unscrewing and fitting in a new one! Or in the case of concrete H posts just slotted in

Charltons heavy duty fence panels have a heavy duty durable redwood frame and feather edge boards are white wood – both of which have many great features to make strong durable heavy duty panel

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