It’s that time of year when you venture out into the garden to see the ravages of winter. With the usual garden tidy up of plants and grass cutting we often find that fencing has got to the point it needs replacing where it has taken the brunt of the winter rain and winds.

Do I do it myself or do I have the expense of paying someone to come in and do it for me? A choice we are often met with.

Can I do it myself the fencing and do I have the time?

Charlton offer a range of sizes of heavy-duty feather edge panels. “The strength of a component fence with the convenience of a panel”, so putting up a fence that looks good is relatively easy. With good solid fence posts of course!

The panels are high quality, pressure treated for durability and benefit from a redwood frame with integral capping. The capping impedes the ingress of water into the feather edge boarding. The Heavy-duty Top Rail (integral capping rather than a flimsy add on) and Bottom Rails are rebated. They are formed from one solid 100 x 47mm piece. Intermediate rails are 75 x 22 mm, much bigger section than most other panels on the market. 5″ Whitewood Feather edged boards are used to give consistency of colour.

The panels are very flexible and can be installed in three ways

  1. To the front of timber posts – screw or nail to form a very strong fence,
  2. Between existing posts -The panel is a standard 1830mm so can be used to replace panels between existing posts.
  3. Between Concrete “H” posts -The thickness is 47mm which slots perfectly into a concrete post

No, they will not be cheaper than European imports but they will be a superior quality product and even better, they are Made in Britain using wood that is Grown in Britain from sustainable Timber