Charltons Landscaping Products  Charltons Landscaping Products– Grown in Britain! Cut & Sawn in Britain! Sold in Britain!

Charltons Landscaping products are a quality selection of products. They include timber sleepers and rustic sleepers made from superior more durable Redwoods.

These versatile accessories make a fantastic feature in garden design are a great addition to any garden and have a huge variety of uses. From retaining walls, path edging and  pathway steps to benches and retaining walls.

Added benefits include the fact that sleepers are cost effective and above all are relatively easy to use. Most importantly, the product are Made in Britain and Grown in Britain therefore supporting our economy using sustainable timber.

Charltons sleepers are treated with Wolmanit CX and are available in our Longlast Range with a life expectancy of 15 years.

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made in Britain & Grown in Britain