Differences between Iroko & Oak

2024-06-12T09:28:48+01:00June 11th, 2024|Charltons News|

  When it comes to selecting the perfect timber for your driveway gate, exquisite hardwoods like oak and iroko often stand out as the premier choices.Their renowned durability, enchanting aesthetic appeal, and innate resistance to the ravages of weather make them truly exceptional options. Our high end prestige gate range [...]

How to measure for a Driveway Gate

2024-05-30T09:55:37+01:00May 22nd, 2024|Automated Gates, Charltons News, Driveway Gate, Made to measure driveway gate|

How to measure for a driveway gate?  Measuring for a driveway gate is not that difficult. Just some accurate measuring a some simple calculations First off you will need to establish the width and height of your entrance way. Tolerance are given for using hinges supplied by Chaltons. To measure [...]

Unveiling our Prestige Driveway Gates

2024-05-31T16:27:49+01:00February 23rd, 2024|Automated Gates, Charltons News, Driveway Gate, Electric Driveway Gates, Made in Britain, Made to measure driveway gate, Oak driveway gates|

  Building on the success of launching several new gates and a range of coloured gates in celebration of our 120th anniversary, we are thrilled to unveil our latest offering: A range of high-end Prestige Driveway Gates. Designed for automation, these high-end, made-to-measure hardwood gates boast exceptional features. With a [...]

Gate Safety & Gate Maintenance

2023-12-19T11:18:22+00:00December 6th, 2023|Charltons News, Courtyard Gates, Driveway Gate, Gate hinges, Gate maintenance, Gate safety, Hanging Gates|

  Gate Safety When hanging big heavy driveway gates, gate safety should always be considered. We would recommend that manual gates are installed by an experience installer and automated gates by a qualified installer. British Standard BS EN 12604 states a gate should not be capable of falling through single [...]

Wooden made to measure driveway gates; a classic choice

2024-05-30T10:02:40+01:00November 17th, 2023|Charltons News, Driveway Gate, Made to measure driveway gate, Made to Measure Gate, Wooden driveway gates|

Made to measure driveway gates; a classic choice. Wooden made to measure driveway gates can bring a timeless, classic charm to your property. They are an effective barrier to the entrance of your driveway. They are a relatively cost-effective long term solution for protecting your home, whilst improving the aesthetics. [...]

Sustainable timber lifecycle

2024-02-15T11:39:05+00:00October 14th, 2023|Charltons News|

Sustainable timber  When harvested responsibly, trees can be replanted and grown, ensuring a continuous supply of timber for future generations. Charltons timber  lifecycle is underpinned by PEFC controlled and certified timber softwood.  During production all by products are collected and reused. Nothing goes to waste. Sustainable timber has the lowest energy [...]

Treating Wooden Driveway Gates

2023-09-06T11:26:31+01:00September 6th, 2023|Charltons News, Driveway Gate, Gate Treatment, Wooden driveway gates|

  A quality wooden driveway gate is an great investment providing your home with security as well as kerb appeal. Regularly treating your wooden driveway gate will keep it looking at its best; Therefore it is recommended that you perform maintenance annually. It is important to know how to look [...]

Automatic driveway gates

2023-07-24T12:37:24+01:00July 24th, 2023|Automated Gates, Charltons News, Courtyard Gates, Driveway Gate, Electric Driveway Gates, Electric gates, Home Security, Made to Measure Gate|

    Electric automatic driveway gates can beautifully compliment your property. Automating driveway gates enhance security, privacy, and convenience as well as adding kerb appeal.   They act as a significant physical deterrent, discouraging intruders from accessing the property. Privacy is ensured as automatic driveway gates conceal entrances and the [...]

Choosing the right Driveway Gate

2023-06-14T12:12:20+01:00June 12th, 2023|Automated Gates, Driveway Gate, Wooden driveway gates|

    Choosing the right driveway gate for your property needs some careful consideration. A quality wooden gate can add value and change the aesthetics of your property. What sort of gate is right for my property? What do I need to consider when installing a gate?   Planning permission? [...]

Why do wooden gates warp?

2023-06-16T12:33:35+01:00May 16th, 2023|Automated Gates, Charltons News, Courtyard Gates, Driveway Gate, Gate Treatment, Twisting gates, Why do gates warp|

Why do wooden gates warp?  It is woods nature to do so. The characteristics of wood affects how it reacts in different circumstances. However, certain easy measures can be taken to minimise the effects of this happening in the first place. - When it is wet wood will absorb moisture [...]

Made to measure wooden gates

2023-07-13T12:29:52+01:00May 10th, 2023|Courtyard Gates, Driveway Gate, Made to Measure Gate, Made to seasure wooden gate, Wooden driveway gates, Wooden gates|

There are several benefits to buying a made-to-measure wooden gate, including: Perfect fit: Made-to-measure gates are crafted to fit your specific measurements and requirements. This ensures that the gate fits perfectly, looks aesthetically pleasing, and functions properly. Personalised design: With a made-to-measure wooden gate, you have the freedom to choose [...]

Celebrating 120 year Anniversary

2023-07-12T12:19:34+01:00April 18th, 2023|Charltons News|

This year, Charltons celebrate our landmark 120-year anniversary. From humble beginnings in 1903, when Frank Charlton started supplying pit props to Somerset coal mines, to supplying Royal Households, Glastonbury Festival and even exporting gates all the way to Australia.   As you may have seen in the Fencing News, in [...]

Driveway gates

2022-12-12T11:42:02+00:00December 12th, 2022|Automated Gates, Courtyard Gates, Driveway Gate, Made in Britain, Made to Measure Gate|

Wooden Driveway Gates A wooden driveway gate can add value to your property as well as improving security. A beautifully crafted gate can create a memorable first impression of your property.  Each wooden gate will have its own unique experience due to the natural differences in the grain of wood. [...]

Caring for your Wooden Gates in Winter

2022-12-15T09:34:34+00:00October 17th, 2022|Charltons News, Driveway Gate, Garden Gates, Gate Fittings, Gate hinges, Gate Treatment|

Caring for your wooden gates in Winter should not be an arduous task. Now Autumn is well and truly here it is worth spending a small amount of time caring for your gates as the weather turns cooler and wetter. If your wooden gate is unprotected, any rain, sleet, or [...]

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