Charltons Courtyard & Driveway Gate range has been carefully designed to give the highest quality gates. They encompasses a range of distinguished and impressive close boarded gates. These, not only enhance the entrance to a property but also offers privacy & security.

Choosing the right wooden driveway gate is very important because a choice now will become apart of your home’s aesthetic for many years to come.

The aesthetic and security features of our gates can add real value to a property so make an impact with a Charltons gate!

Our Range of Courtyard & Driveway Gates have been further improved with water run off features. These impede the ingress of water whilst aiding the run off helping to extend the life expectancy of the gate.

Please note:

All gates which are to be automated must have a heavy duty bottom rail.

As the width of a gate increase there will be a minimum height restriction to ensure that gate integrity is maintained. This allows the bracing to fully support the gate.

All of our gates are Made in Britain using sustainable and ethically sourced timber.

A choice of stile tops is available for most designs.