Charltons offer a range of  quality Landscaping products that include Timber Raised Beds, Sleepers and Rustic Sleepers.

Quality landscaping products

All of Charltons Landscaping products are pressure treated using Womanit CX. Products that are in contact with the ground such as Sleepers, Rustic Sleepers and Raised Beds are made from redwoods; these are naturally more durable and therefore have a longer lifespan.

A Longlast range with a life expectancy of 15 years is offered on sleepers and raised beds. The timber is naturally dried to 28% moisture level. As a result the pressure treatment (Wolmanit CX) is absorbed and retained through the sapwood to the durable heartwood.

The Longlast range is the correct choice to ensure a quality ground contact product. Above all, choosing the right product reduces the lifetime costs. A small premium reduces the very real risk of premature failure and expensive re-installation costs.

All of our timber is certified as Grown in Britain and is PEFC controlled,  sourced as locally as possible, mainly in the South West of England.


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