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Featheredge fencing can be used in domestic or commercial situations. A featheredge fence 1.8m high can offer complete privacy and the security desired in domestic situations. A featheredge fence can be constructed relatively easily using a variety of methods. Charltons can supply machined posts to make the job slightly easier still, whether you require recessed, morticed or v-notched.

  • Wood type: Softwood (click here for details)
  • Finish: Pressure treated (click here for details)
  • Section Sizes: 100mm x ex22 and 125mm x ex22
  • Heights: from 1.5m up to  3.6m

Calculate the material you require:

100mm boards – 12 boards per metre
125mm boards – allow 10 boards per metre
2 rails for 1.2m high
3 for 1.5m & 1.8m high fences


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Made In Britain

PEFC Controlled Sources

Assurance that wood come from sustainable sources.


Pressure treated with Wolmanit® CX


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