Fully treated “French Grey” Coloured Gates.


Any design softwood gate from our Courtyard & Driveway Gate range (excluding any pressure treated gates).

Gates will be Vac-Vac treated using Wolman Wolsit KD-20C. By using this double low-pressure process, the wood is thoroughly impregnated with preservatives to protect it from decay, insects and other forms of deterioration.

The gates will have two coats of French Grey Osmo opaque coloured oil and along with the Vac-Vac will be User Class 3. Oil finishes are microporous which allows the wood to breath.

Gates will be constructed as usual with mortice & tenon joints, with weather feature and choice of stile tops. They will be screwed with matching powder coated coloured screws as shown below.

French Grey coloured oil with matching screwsThe gates are supplied ready to hang, however you will need to maintain oil annually or when water no longer beads on the horizontal edges.

The Oil is from  Osmo Country Shades high solid UV Oils. The French Grey colour is mixed to match the screws so please quote the RAL colour reference RAL 7032 when ordering more oil from Osmo Retail .

 These gates will be made and treated to order. Please note that lead times may vary as the gates need to be fully dry prior to wrapping for delivery. Atmospheric conditions can affect drying times.

Please note prior to ordering, a sample colour will need to be approved. We endeavour to create as true an image as possible however computer screens have different individual settings that moderate colours independently.

If you have any queries please contact our Sale Team on 01373 812521 or email: