Henley Palisade Fencing

Made in Britain logoA high quality range of palisade (picket fencing) fencing


The high quality Henley palisade fencing (picket fencing) is a joinery grade kiln dried timber and has a planed all round finish. This superior finish is ready to be painted, by using a white as shown and it offers a cottage style fence. The pales used in the Henley range are ex. 75mm x 25mm which really do give a quality substantial appearance.

The Henley palisade fencing has rounded tops. All are made with 14 individual pales which creates a very strong robust panel which offers extra convenience for a quick installation.

Wood type Softwood (click here for details)
Finish Pressure treated (click here for details)
Widths 1.77m
Heights 0.9m and 1.2m
Availability Straight panels held in stock
Curved panels made to order
Please note Packs of component pales with both rounded and
pointed tops are also available in both
0.9m and 1.2m heights.


The Henley gate accompanies this range of fencing.


Additional information


Made In Britain


Joinery grade PEFC certified sustainable timber


Pressure treated with Wolmanit® CX


Straight top held in stock. Curved made to order.

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