Somerset 5 Bar Gate

Somerset 5 Bar Gate

An all time favourite classic 5 Bar entrance gate


The Somerset 5 Bar Gateis an all time favourite classic driveway entrance gate.

Tapered and chamfered top bar with superior hanging stile joined using traditional hardwood stop dowelled mortice & tenon joints.

Made from specially selected timber with fewer smaller knots resulting in a more stable gate. The Somerset 5 Bar gate has a planed finish and stainless steel fittings.


Wood type Iroko and Softwood (click here for details)
Finish Softwood is pressure treated & Iroko supplied untreated ready for treatment
(click here for details)
Widths From 3′ (0.915m) to 12′ (4.27m). 
Heights 3’7” (1.09m) to top of top rail.
4’ (1.219m) to top of stile.
Automation: Suitable for automation with the addition of
a heavy duty rail (please consult a qualified installer)
Fittings Adjustable Field Hinge Set
(Click here for sizes)
  Drop bolt & socket set (both gates if a pair)
Click here for post sizes
Please note 13′ (3.96m) and 14′ (4.27m) widths will have an extra
vertical brace for strength as show below
  Pairs of gates should have a drop bolt fitted
to each gate

 Somerset 14FT gate


Additional information


Iroko Hardwood made to order, Softwood is a stock item

Special widths

Available to order

Special heights

Available to order


Must be hung from the larger stile


Manufactured from PEFC certified sustainable timber


Sourced in line with EU Timber Regulations


Made In Britain

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