Wicket side gate

    A lightweight wicket gate.



The Wicket side gate is a lightweight gate which is ledged and multi braced with a planed finish.

  • Wood type: Softwood (click here for details).

  • Finish: Pressure treated (click here for details).

  • Widths: 3′ (0.915m), 3’6” (1.067m) & 4′ (1.22m)

  • Height: 3’4” (1.016m)

  • Recommended fittings:On Wall:Cranked pin on plate + Ring latch /Between posts:One way adjustable hinge + Ring latch

  • Recommended posts: 2.1m x 100mm x 100mm (minimum requirement).


Additional information


Held in stock

Special Widths

Not available to order

Special Heights

Not available to order


Can be hung from either side


Joinery grade PEFC certified sustainable timber


Made In Britain

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