Protect your home by protecting your garden with a Charltons Gate! During the month of October Charltons are supporting National Home Security Month. 

Do not give intruders an easy way in thanks to an old gate. A garden gate should be the same height as the adjoining walls or fences and securely constructed. Check that the hinges and bolt are secured on the garden side. 

National Security Month October 2019

Charltons Electric Automated Swept Top Manor Driveway gate

Softwood Beckington gates







Protect your home with an automated electric gates are something that no potential burglar wants to come up against as there are just too many things that could go wrong; being  trapped in your property because they can’t get out through the gates in a hurry. They don’t want to have to waste time trying to bypass any electrical systems. And they don’t want you to know they are there. If a thief sees a set of automated gates, the likelihood is that they will keep looking for other places to burgle. 

Most of Charltons gates can be automated with the addition of a heavy duty bottom rail to strengthen the gate. And as well as protecting  your property they can add aesthetic and kerb appeal! Just make sure that if you have electric gates installed you use a qualified installer.

Charltons automated electric gates