Protecting your gate from the sun

Protecing your gate from the weather


Protecting your gate from the sun is as important as the wet wintery weather. Having spent your hard-earned money on a gate for your property it is important to keep your gate healthy and looking good. You are going to want to make sure that the investment is protected so that it can continue to look good for as long as possible. Your gate will last for a long time if you continue to maintain it. 


The good news….. it is relatively easy to maintain your gates!

We always recommend giving your gates a coat of modern UV oil at least one a year.  Giving your gates oil as a treatment not only protects it in winter, but it also protects it in summer too!

The Importance Of Gate Care

Pressure treated gates are initially protected from wood rot and insect attacks. However, these treatments do not provide full protection against weathering. Erosion from weather and the UV rays will degrade these treatments and begin to affect the quality of your gate over time.

Timber gates are a natural product and respond to the conditions that they are in, particularly heat and humidity. The hot weather that we are likely to experience this summer, can cause wood to twist especially if one side of the gate receives more sunlight than the other. Wood is a hygroscopic material, which means it naturally absorbs and gives off water to balance out with its surrounding environment. Twisting is likely to be caused by one side drying out more quickly than the other. It is also quite common for small splits (shakes & checks) to occur during drying. This is nature at work and should not be considered a fault. This is normally not detrimental to the gates stability & structure and again should rectify as temperatures cool.

A few simple measures can make all the difference to protecting your gate from the sun!

Treat your gates with a modern UV wood oil – this greatly reduces the absorption and drying out of wood and significantly decreases natural checks and shakes in the wood – click here for more information

Using a drop bolt on each gate is also recommended as it reduces any potential movement in the gates. Make sure gates are fitted properly including hooks to hold gate open. Incorrect fitting can cause gates to twist.

Treat your posts with an oil suitable for sawn timber as well to reduce any movement.

Water beads on oil

Water beads on oil

Water runs off oil

Water runs off oil

Less shake with oil

Less shake with oil

Less checks with oil

Less checks with oil

No drop bolts

incorrectly fitted gate

Poor fitting



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