If you want a quality made garden gate that lasts, then buy a Charltons garden gate!

There are many cheap imported gates that look to be good value out on the market. However, there is often poor timber quality, poor machining and poor workmanship.

Our Pedestrian, side & garden gate range has a gate for every occasion. We could import mass produced gates in bulk and sell them at a great profit for very little work on our part. However, all of our gates are proudly Made in Britain using slow grown PEFC certified sustainable timber.

Whilst security can be important, you should consider the location of your garden gate. Consider how it is going to be used.

Think about the role the your gate will play and what its day-to-day purpose will be. Are you in more elevated location where the wind is stronger and more frequent? Will your gate have occasional or heavy use? A fully framed, ledged and braced gate will make for a better option if it is to to endure heavy wear. However, an occasionally used access will be more suitable for a lighter weight gate. A gate can be considered as an attractive landscaping element as well as a functional device. As a result, you may want to spend a bit more money and have a gate that is made to measure to enhance your garden.

With more than 15 quality timber gates in our range, you’re sure to find the perfect garden gate or side gate.

All of our gates have diagonal and horizontal braces for support on the rear of the gate. Some are framed for extra strength allowing them to endure heavy usage. Timber is Pressure treated quality joinery grade softwood that is PEFC certified and Made in Britain.

Quality made garden gates