Appearance, Function, Security, Versatility and Environmentally Friendly!

What better way to make the first impression of your property memorable than a beautifully crafted wooden gate. A gate is often the first thing visitors see. Its appearance can define expectation of what lies ahead by giving a good or bad first impression.

Charltons wooden driveway gatesA wooden gate is an important feature of your property.  Wooden gates are an attractive landscaping element as well as a functional device. They not only provide security, they adds kerb appeal and aesthetics that create a good impression as well as adding value to your property.

Wooden gates are available in a variety of styles and sizes. Choosing a gate depends on the style and intended purpose. A small white picket style gate that blends with fencing provides a country cottage look. A 5 Bar gate gives a traditional countryside feel to a property. A solid and secure close boarded gate that provides a higher level of privacy and security. Gates are very versatile. Wooden gates can be made to fit openings of any shape or size. They can be built specifically to maintain privacy, enhance security; and to create an attractive appearance all at the same time.

Wood is actually a very durable material when looked after using the correct protective treatment and can last you for many years. Wood does not go out of fashion and much of this is down to its appearance. .

Wooden gates are environmentally friendly especially when compared to metal and plastic gates. Make sure they are made using trees from certified sustainable sources.

All of the timber for Charltons gates are sourced responsibly and the gates are proudly  Made in Britain.Made in Britain logo