Social & environmentalMission Statement

A J Charlton & Sons Ltd are working towards being a more sustainable business across all areas of the company which includes operating in a way to reduce the social and environmental impacts of the business.


Peter Charlton has overall responsibility but 6 monthly updates will be maintained by Michele Archer and circulated to the Board. Reducing our impact will benefit all stakeholders and all employees also have a responsibility in their area to assist in meeting the aims and objects.

Policy Aims

We endeavour to

  • Comply with all relevant regulatory requirements
  • Maintain and improve our social and environmental impact
  • Continually improve and monitor our progress
  • Incorporate the Social and Environmental factors into business decisions
  • Increase employee awareness and training


We will seek to

  • Minimise the use of paper in the office
  • Buy recycled paper and products wherever possible
  • Reuse and recycle all paper where possible

Energy and Water

 We will seek to

  • Minimise the amount of energy used to reduce our carbon footprint
  • Use Bio Fuel heating to its full potential
  • Source Renewable energy wherever possible
  • Take energy consumption into account when purchasing new equipment
  • Continue the policy to replace all light fittings with LED lights.


Timber is an environmentally material and all the by products have a commercial use. For other items we will

  • Recycle wherever possible this includes paper, oil, plastic and metals
  • Store safely to avoid spillage
  • Encourage staff to eliminate waste at source

Maintenance and Cleaning

We will seek to

  • Use environmentally friendly products where ever possible
  • Use licensed organisations to dispose of waste and meet regulations


We will

  • Encourage the use of travel alternatives such as video conferencing and email
  • Favour green vehicles over other vehicles
  • Reduce our delivery mileage to customers by combining loads or working with other hauliers already in the area to reduce small deliveries
  • Train drivers to drive with respect for other drivers and villagers
  • Endeavour to start journeys at times to avoid peak traffic

Local Communities

We will endeavour to

  • Use as many local suppliers and workers as possible to reduce travel and bring benefit to local business
  • Assist local communities and charities with beneficial projects
  • Encourage staff to participate in their local activities

Monitoring and improvement

We will

  • Continually monitor to improve our performance
  • Monitor our Timber suppliers to be sustainable
  • Increase employee awareness through training and introduction of an employee section on our web site
  • Review this plan annually


  Peter Charlton, January 2024