Storing wooden gates – Softwood 5 Bar Gates & Pedestrian Gates

Until gates are installed they should be handled carefully.

Do not drag across each other or across surfaces.

Ideally all gates should be stored under cover in an open sided building and out of direct sunlight.

5 Bar Gates

We recommend that the gates are stored flat on level bearers. However, if the gates are to be stored upright it is imperative that the stiles on both sides of the gate are supported. 5 Bar gates are supplied packed with the stiles in a staggered position for transportation. They can be stored staggered or straight providing stiles are supported by the bearers.

With larger gates an extra support bearer in the middle is required to help prevent bowing.

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Pedestrian gates

Ideally should be stored flat on level bearers. When storing more than one gate additional bearers/spacers should be used in between to allow air circulation. A gate can be stored upright against a wall (must not be uneven) with both stiles evenly supported but preferably, not for too long. Completely remove any packaging and store to allow air flow until dry for packs of freshly treated pedestrian gates. Given the right circumstances mould can appear on gates overnight! This is not a manufacturing fault.

For made to measure Courtyard & Driveway gates and Iroko gates please click here for Storage and Care Instructions

Storing wooden gates

Storing wooden gates