How Charltons transport has changed over the years from the horse and cart in the 20’s to Artic lorries in the 2010’s

1920s transport


1920s transport


1950's lorry








1970's lorry


2010 lorry


2018 Artic









Charltons Arctic



1920’s – horses were the main transportation in people’s lives though new technology was just emerging

The first half of the 1940s was, of course, dominated by World War 2. In 1950, much of the equipment still in use had been designed before World War 2. However,  by the mid 1940s, there was a clear trend for heavy-duty trucks to have diesel engines.

The introduction of sleeper cabs and power-assisted steering in the 1950’s made life easier for the driver.  As a whole the importance of truck transportation increased.

It wasn’t really until the second half of the sixties, and the arrival of innovative designs such as Leyland’s Ergomatic tilting cab, that the foundations for today’s trucks were laid. 

2024 New Arctic lorries replaced smaller less efficient vehicles. With the improved efficiency of the upgraded engines & driver training emissions have been reduced and the mpg of transport has improved with carbon being offset by the use of more biofuel.