We are committed to improving our transport efficiencies. All company cars are electric.

New Arctic lorries have replaced smaller less efficient rigids. With the improved efficiency of the upgraded engines, emissions have beentransport Charltons Gates reduced and the mpg of transport has improved by 17%. By using arctics, rather than rigids, the number of vehicles on the road has been reduced, delivering the same volume in fewer trips. Carbon is also being offset by the use of more biofuel.

Drivers have received  approved safe and efficient driver training and as a result have further improved mpg by 10%.

Backloads of raw materials are being returned on the empty Arctics reducing 3rd party deliveries, therefore reducing mileage and emissions.

All forklift are in the process of being migrated from diesel power over to electric. These will be fully powered by our own solar power generation during the summer months and partially during the rest of the year.

The company operates a cycle to work scheme for staff via the Green Commute Initiative who offer the best benefits to employees.