Charltons use Wolmanit ® CX pressure treated to UC4 level for all of our products; including all softwood 5 bar and pedestrian gates.  UC4 is normally used for wood in ground contact so our gates are treated to the highest level.

 Wolmanit UC4 pressure treated softwood

Pressure treated softwood

Wolmanit ® CX  consists of liquid, chromium free preservatives, based on inorganic copper and boron compounds. These compounds used prevent & combat wood-destroying fungi including those causing soft rot. It also combat insects such as termites. Extensive international testing has confirmed the effectiveness of this product. The treatment is based on Copper HDO, a fungicide that has been successfully used in wood preservation for many years. It has undergone some of the most intensive toxicological testing of any wood preserving fungicide in the world.

Rapid fixation in wood means aqueous Wolmanit CX products are resistant to leaching and the elements.  Very importantly it is not harmful to plants. Because of this it is an ideal treatment for protecting all kinds of  timbers in constant contact with earth and water, especially wood used in gardens and landscaping,