Gate Rebate

A Gate rebate can be cut into a gate closing stile to allow the gates to close and not have a gap in between for privacy.

It is personal preference as to whether you have your gates rebated or not.


A rebate will create a‘primary’ and ‘secondary’ gate. Your primary gate can open and close as you like, but for it to be completely closed the secondary gate must also be shut, otherwise they can not interlock.

Gate Rebate - Right in first (Left Out First)

Right in first (Left Out First)

Gate Rebate - Left in first (Right Out First)

Left in first (Right Out First)




A closing strip/plate can be fitted, during installation, which is an extra piece of wood that is fitted on one gate to hide the gap between the gates. It is worth bearing in mind that the wood will need to be the same type. Otherwise it will stand out and be very obvious.  Plus any drill holes to fit them must be treated with preservative and a modern UV Oil (our recommended treatment).

No Rebate and a closing strip

No Rebate and a closing strip




Automated gates can be rebated but always talk to your qualified installer as Automation kits can vary.

It is worth remembering that you do not have to have a rebate or closing strip. Unless your privacy is affected, gates can actually benefit from having a clearance gap. The gap allows air to move freely and therefore remove any moisture that may build up.

Closing plate fitted.

Gated fitted with a closing strip/plate

No closing plate

Gate is not fitted with a closing strip