When it comes to spending money on your property you need to ask yourself which driveway gate is best for me?

How big is my driveway entrance? How often will the gates be used. What aspect will the gates be in? Do I need privacy as well as security? What do i want it to look What look do I want? What wood is best for a gate Do the gates need to be automated? There are lots of things to consider.

Driveway size

70/30 split driveway gate and pedestrian gate

70/30 split Manor driveway gate and pedestrian gate

The size of your driveway will have a big factor on the types of gates that you choose. In most cases a new pair of gates have to fit in with existing walls/pillars so you are constrained

Double leaf driveway gates are the most common type of gates used on driveways. They typically have a 50/50 split, with the gates opening inwards inwards towards the property. However, it is also possible to have an uneven split to suit the specific layout of a driveway. Additionally, gates can be open outwards from a property, as long as they do not open onto a public pavement or highway, as this is prohibited by the Highways Act 1980


Gate configuration

It is worth considering how your gates will look, not only against the style of house you have but if you are having a matching side gate make sure you consider how the gates will look. Some of the curved top gate will have one sweeping curve as a side gate. As an alternative a flat top gate can be a preferable alternative.

Swept Top Manor Gate with matching Manor side gate

Swept Top Manor Gate with matching Manor side gate

Swept Top Manor Gate with curved top side gate

Swept Top Manor Gate with curved top side gate

Beckington Driveway Gates with matching curved top side gate

Beckington Gates with matching curved top side gate

Beckington gates with matching flat top side gate

Beckington gates with matching flat top side gate














What is the best wood for gates?

Wood is a sustainable and relatively durable material. It can be a good choice for driveway gates. Softwood gates are more affordable than hardwood gates, but are not as durable. Hardwood gates, on the other hand, have a low knot count and a superior grain, making them more resistant to damage. Regular treatment with a modern UV oil can help extend the life of a wooden gate. Additionally, unlike metal or plastic gates, wood has a unique ageing process that can add to its aesthetic appeal.

Gate automation

If you want to automate your wooden driveway gates, it is important to consider the two automation methods: above ground and below ground automation. Above ground automation is often used on 5 Bar gates and typically requires the addition of a heavy-duty rail.

The Courtyard & Driveway gate range will also need a heavy-duty bottom rail to withstand the stresses and strains of automation. You will need to decide whether your automation is swing automated or slide automated. This will depend on the factors affecting your property.

We recommended that you consult a qualified installer for the supply and installation of automated gate equipment. This will ensure that the gates are installed properly and can operate safely and effectively.

automated Swept Top Manor Gate

Slide automated driveway gates

Swing automated Swept Top Manor driveway gates

Swing automated driveway gates








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