Some gates they are hung from the left and or right hand as it they built to be self supporting and stronger on one side of the gate. So how do you work out which hand gate do you need?

The hand of a gate is determined by the positions of the gate hinges when viewing a property from the outside. The hanging stile will be larger on the side that the hinges are positioned. If a pair of gate is required one will be a left hand gate and one will be a right hand gate. You will need to decide which way around you want the gates to be when opening them.

5 Bar Gates

Which hand gate do I need? Which hand gate do I need?










Some 5 Bar gates will be described as Universal hand or hanging. this means that the stiles each side are the same size and strength so can be hung from either side.




Courtyard & Driveway Gates

Hanging stiles of driveway gates



Most Courtyard & Driveway gates are fitted in pairs so automatically have a left hand and right hand hanging gate which the gates are hung with the bracing rising up from the hanging stile so that they have maximum support.


If, however you are only having one Courtyard or Driveway gate you will need to say which side you are hanging it from so that the bracing can be configured correctly with the bracing rising from the bottom of the stile to support the gate.






Pedestrian Side & Garden Gates

babington design pressure treated softwood garden gate with hinges



Charltons Pedestrian Gates are universal hang. i.e. they can be hung from either side.

However, ideally on the taller & heavier side gates the  hinges should be placed on the side with both braces in the corners for maximum support of the gate.






It is worth noting that gates should not open out onto a public pavement/highway reference; the Highways Act of 1980