automated electric gatesAutomated electric gates provide style, security, convenience and safety all in one.

Electrically controlled gates are a better deterrent to the opportunist, car thief or vandal. They can even reduce your insurance premiums and add value to your property! Access to your property can be made from the safety of your car, home or office.

How many gates are left open? If you have installed gates was for security, you’ve wasted your money if you do not close them every day.

Most people state that once  automatic electric gates have been installed they feel more secure (especially at nights) and also that their property feels more exclusive.


The majority of Charltons Courtyard & Driveway gates can be automated with the addition of a heavy duty bottom rail. They and are suitable for sliding automation as well as swinging automation.

Remember!….. used a qualified installer to fit your automated gates.

automatic driveway gate for home security