Reasons to buy a Charltons wooden gate; Quality, Appearance, Function, Security, Versatility and Sustainability!

What better way to make the first impression of your property memorable than a beautifully crafted wooden gate. A gate is often the first thing visitors see. Its appearance can define expectation of what lies ahead by giving a good or bad first impression. Wood does not go out of fashion and much of this is down to its unique appearance.  No two gates are the same due to the natural difference in the grain of the wood.

Wooden gates are available in a variety of designs and sizes. Choosing a gate depends on the style and intended purpose. A small white picket style gate that blends with fencing provides a country cottage look. A 5 Bar gate gives a traditional countryside feel to a property. A solid and secure close boarded gate provides a higher level of privacy and security. Do you want your gate to blend in with the surroundings or do you want it to stand out and become a focal point? Gates are very versatile. Wooden gates can be made to fit openings of virtually any shape or size. They can be built specifically to maintain privacy, enhance security and to create an attractive appearance all at the same time.


How long will a wooden gate last?

There is not a definitive answer to this question as there are  many factors that can influence the life of wooden gates. The same gate fitted in two different locations or aspects can have vastly differing life expectations.

The elements and sunlight have a huge part to play in the weathering process. Good or bad, our climate is essentially a wet one. Our gates have a range of water run off features. These allow rain to run of the gates and also  also to help impede the ingress of water. Thus helping to extend the life of the gate.

how Iroko weathers and silvers over time

This images shows how Iroko weathers and silvers over time without treatment. These gate span a range of 1 year old to 7 years old

As far as the sun goes all gates, whether softwood or hardwood, will react to sunlight. The ultraviolet in sunlight will cause the wood to fade over time. Uneven drying out of the gate from one side of the gate receiving more sunlight than the other can cause movement in timber and well as check and shakes.

Softwood gates are more economical than their hardwood counterparts however, are not as durable as hardwood. Hardwoods have a superior grain and low knot count. If you look after and care for your softwood gates correctly, then you should get many years of life from it, however a hardwood gate, if looked after correctly, will last much longer.


How long can I keep my gates looking good?

As wood is actually a very durable material when looked after using the correct treatment and can last you for many years. Having spent your hard earned money on the perfect gate for your gproperty, it makes sense to ensure that your investment is given the best protection to keep it looking good for as long as possible. 

Beckington (Softwood) Driveway gate

This gate has been treated with UV oil

what happens when a gate is not treated

This gate was not treated

We recommend treating your gates using a modern UV oil.  This will keep your gates looking good and alleviate many of the issues caused by uneven drying out.

We even recommend the modern UV oil for pressure treated gates. The pressure treatment protects against rot and insect attacked but this will fade over time. If you care for your gates correctly you will get many years life out of them.


Think about garden gates?

Made to measure garden gate

Made to measure garden gate

Our Pedestrian, Side & Garden Gates have full range of standard size gates for every occasion. We could import (for example from Eastern Europe) mass produced gates in bulk and sell them at a great profit for very little work on our part. However, all of our gates are proudly Made in Britain using slow grown PEFC certified sustainable timber.

Security can be important and should be considered. But equally important is the usage and location. Before buying a garden gate think about the role the gate will play and what its day-to-day purpose will be. Are you in more elevated location where the wind is stronger and more frequent? Will your gate have occasional or heavy use? A fully framed, ledged and braced gate will make for a better option if it is to to endure heavy wear. However, an occasionally used access will be more suitable for a lighter weight gate. A garden gate can be considered as an attractive landscaping element as well as a functional device. As a result, you may consider spending more money and have a gate that is made to measure to enhance your garden.

Versatility of  5 Bar gates

Estate 5 bar gate

Estate 5 bar driveway gate

Our range of 5 Bar Field & Entrance Gates are hugely versatile and can be used as a driveway gate, entrance gate, pedestrian gate and as field gates. The impressive Estate gates in Iroko hardwood creates an impressive entrance to a driveway especially when teamed up with a smaller pedestrian sized gate. The example to the right has a specially made pedestrian gate with an extended stile (harr).

Our 5 Bar gates are made using sustainable/ethically sourced joinery grade timber, with mortice & tenon joints for strength and stainless steel fixings. There is nothing worse than a good looking gate with rust running down the timber!

Forester 5 bar gate field gate

Forester 5 bar gate field gate

Forester 5 Bar entrance gate

Forester 5 Bar entrance gate

Whilst you would not install a more expensive Estate gate on an entrance to a field, our standard universal Forester gates are equally at home as the entrance to a field or as pair of gates at the entrance to an impressive barn conversion.

We recommend using a modern UV oil to maintain them all gates including pressure treated softwood gates.

This is to help reduce movement in the wood. The correct hanging/installation of our wooden gates is important and more information can be found here.

Automated 5 Bar gates will need to have the addition of a heavy duty rail. Consequently, these are always made to order so can be to your exact size requirements. The heavy duty rail provides the gate with enough strength to withstand the stresses of automation. For the purpose of safety, we recommend you consults a fully qualified Gate Safe installer for the installation of your automated gates.

Made to measure driveway gates

Many companies sell off-the-shelf standard-sized driveway gates. However, is your driveway a ‘standard size’?  What if you want a gate just that little bit bigger or just a little bit smaller in height or width? 

In reality there are few, if any, standard sizes of driveways or entrance ways. Moreover, most of the time gates will need to fit an existing entrance that you cannot easily change or can add huge costs to the final bill.

matching driveway and garden gates

Matching Mendip driveway and garden gates

Charltons Courtyard & Driveway Gates offer a range of designs which can be made to measure for your driveway. Each design can be made into a made to measure garden gate or side gate. Either as a one off design or to match your driveway entrance. Having matching gates really does finish your property off in style!

All of our gates are made using strong mortice & tenon joints. Gates are braced for maximum strength. However, if your gate is to be automated, it must be fitted with a heavy duty bottom rail. This it to make sure your gates withstand the stresses and strains from automation. On some of our designs a heavy duty bottom rail is standard, on some it will be an additional component to strengthen the gate.

Sometime you will see a manufactures name plate nailed or screwed into the gates. We do not do this. Attaching a metal plate to the gate is not giving it a good start to life.  It creates a point to trap water. You will be unable to treat behind it! In other words this will always be a point of weakness where the gates can start to deteriorate.


Gate automation

If you intend to automate your gates then it is advisable to investigate the two main automation methods. Above ground and below ground Automated driveway gatesautomation.

As the fitting of the gates will be different to manually opened gates we recommend you consults a fully qualified Gate Safe installer for supply of the equipment and the installation.

Above ground  automation is often used on 5 Bar gates and will usually require the addition of a heavy duty rail. The Courtyard & Driveway gate range will need the addition of a heavy duty bottom rail to allow the gate to endure the stresses and strains of automation.

Storing new gates

Storing your gate correctly prior to installation is very important. Even the best made gate can will twist and warp of it not stored properly, resulting in twisting and warping. The gate can twist and warp the longer that it is stored haphazardly. By following our care instructions for new Driveway and 5 Bar gates you can keep your gates in good condition allowing time to treat the gate prior to installation. This does not just apply to made to measure gates. The correct storage of gates prior to installation is very important. This includes pedestrian gates and 5 Bar gates, not just made to measure gates.

Wood is one of the most sustainable and environmentally construction materials available. Whilst it is growing wood absorbs carbon dioxide. When wood products have reached the end of their life, they can be recycled. As a result, wood is  a more sustainable material than metal and plastic. So, most importantly, for those who care about the environment, wood is definitely the choice for you! It is important to realise metal and plastic gates requires a large amount of energy consumption to produce them. For this reason they have a higher carbon footprint.

We are sure to have a gate for you, whether you need made to measure driveway gates or a simple garden gate. Decide how you want them to look, choose the type of wood, ask for your nearest stockist details and order your gates! You will be investing in a quality wooden gate that will stand the test of time.

If you are in need guidance please contact one of our Sales Specialist for more advice.

Charltons Gates are proudly Made in Britain.

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