Wooden Sleepers are a very versatile addition to any garden and are suitable for a wide range of landscaping projects. Sleepers are cost effective and long lasting which is a great benefit, therefore you can be confident that when they are used in any kind of landscaping project, as a result the project has longevity. So, it is well worth trying your own project out! They add style and charm to any garden.

Wooden sleepers are a great structural element in a garden; why not use them for retaining walls or raised beds? However, Wooden sleepers make great pathways and steps.  Using sleepers set into the ground provide a sturdy and charming pathway or walkway which can really transform even the smallest of gardens. Sleepers are easy to handle and set into the ground. They require little maintenance once placed into the ground. Left to weather naturally they add an eye-catching rustic looks to a garden. Turning a natural grey silver over time.

All of Charltons wooden sleepers are pressure treated using Wolmanit® CX. They are Made in Britain using wood that is certified as being from PEFC sustainable controlled sourses. Making them an environmentally friendly option for your garden. The only limitation in landscape gardening is your imagination!

weather timber sleepers

weathered wooden Sleeper path