Timber treatment and gate care is important. Quality wooden gates are an investment and so it makes sense to look after them correctly to ensure they continue to look good and last for years.

Jubilee driveway gates

The timber in our wooden gates is a natural product reacting to the weather conditions and aspect that they are in, particularly heat and humidity. Timber has a natural tolerance in terms of how much it can expand and contract before succumbing to warping and shrinkage. It is for this reason that we recommend you treat all our planed timber gates with a modern UV oil for planed timber such as Osmo or Restol. The oil contains an active UV filter that preserves the colour of the wood. Any outdoor wood that is sealed with oil at least once every year will repel water. Oil also stop wood drying out unevenly, which can lead to warping. Gates will last longer and look better than wood that is simply left to the elements.

Timber Treatment, Gate Care and Maintenance Recommendations